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Every brand has a story to tell. We know how to make it an extraordinary one.

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We are a highly skilled team of multi-disciplined professionals. From 3D projection mapping to immersive environments, video and experiential projects, Go2 is focused on creatively using technology to design unforgettable experiences. Expertly weaving together art, soundscape and digital mastery, our award-winning team transforms physical spaces into magical events that thrill and inspire.

Work Team

Go2 Productions is your go-to for Projection Mapping, Interactive, Corporate Event ContentWeb Videos, and TV Commercials. We have over a decade’s worth of experience in producing compelling video content–for both online and offline environments–that’s engaged audiences around the world. From concept to completion, we manage the entire process to ensure the highest quality. We also keep costs down by producing everything in-house using our talented award winning creative team, production engineers and studio facilities.

Our Vision

To continuously redefine the words ‘disruptive’ and ‘high-impact’ by pushing cutting-edge video technology to its limits to deliver powerful experimental marketing events. We marry entertainment and wonder with brand messaging to create a truly unique and memorable brand experience that continues to realize returns long after the initial launch of content.

Adrian Scott, President & CEO

Go2 Productions, Inc. came to be in 2005 as a true alternative.

We understood back then that corporate video content must engage the audience, leave a positive brand impression and have a clear call to action. If it did not, it failed to be a relevant marketing medium. This uncompromising principle is one that continues to guide us today.

We now offer a host of award-winning video production services including Projection Mapping, Immersive Installations, Touchscreen Activations, Corporate Videos, Commercials, Animation and FX, and Voice Over in English and foreign languages. Our clients span across North America and include Honda, Estee Lauder, Disney, Mercedes Benz, Apple, and Sprint.

We believe that high quality, unforgettable and actionable content should be available to businesses of all sizes and budgets.

We obsess over each and every detail–from the script and message, to the live action and motion graphics, to the latest Hollywood visual effects–to ensure it’s on point. It is this unwavering commitment to quality and production value, that has allowed us to grow and expand our services over the years.

  • Experienced. Our highly skilled team constantly collaborates to leverage their talents to the fullest. We are very experienced in pushing the team to do better every time, simultaneously drawing from a vast depth of knowledge and an ever-evolving approach that constantly pushes the boundaries.
  • Passionate. Our passion allows us to drive forward with innovation fearlessly. We are forward thinking and solutions oriented. Our flexibility and expertise mean we are well equipped to take on almost any project.
  • Disruptive. We are original, agile and flexible: quick to respond to technology on the forefront of market. We are challenging the status quo, and using our signature tactics to make it bigger and better than ever, and more importantly, impossible to ignore.
  • Dedicated. We take our work very seriously. Long hours and high benchmarks prove we prioritize the end result over everything. We refuse to put our name to anything mediocre. We work hard to play hard when the show begins.
  • Organized. Planning every stage of our production with military preciseness is the foundation that brings our highly skilled team together as a turnkey solution. Attention to detail underpins our ability to take on huge, groundbreaking productions without a hitch.

From concept to completion, and everything in between, we produce your content in-house for higher quality control and lower cost.

Many production houses outsource parts of the process to third-parties. Not Go2. We have the experts, technologies and facilities in-house to ensure you get exactly what you paid for, on time and on budget. Retaining tight control is how we keep our promise of delivering you the very best video content.

  • Story board and writing
  • Video direction and composition
  • Live action filming
  • 3D rendering and modeling
  • Voice over and sound effects
  • Visual effects and motion graphics
  • On-location setup and dismantling
  • Green screen and studio facilities
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