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Video and Projection Mapping Production Process Explained

When you hire Go2 Productions to produce a corporate video, tv commercial, or projection mapping event one of the first things you will have explained to you is our production process. The steps may vary slightly, depending on whether we use live action, motion graphics, 3D animation or green screen, but in essence the production process is the same whichever technique we end up using.

For corporate messages and company overview videos we recommend a target length of 90 seconds.  The idea is to only say what is necessary and get to the point FAST. Today’s world is fast moving and mobile. Decisions are made rapidly, so the quicker you can successfully deliver your message, the better.

An animated 30 second tv commercial or successful 90 second corporate video production actually takes a lot more work than most people think. It’s the result of several weeks work for our team. Typically, each 30-90 second project takes us between 3 to 8 weeks to complete. From the initial start up meeting with our creative team and the client, through to completion and delivery of the final project. Below are the many stages we go through at Go2, ensuring we always produce great video content for you.

Discovery, Discussion & Ideas

Through a series of meetings either in person or by phone, we will listen and discuss your needs, wants and goals to establish what it is you are trying to say and to who. Through this discovery stage we will do a lot of listening. It is only by listening to you that we are going to understand exactly what you want to achieve. Once we have a good idea of what you are looking to do, we will then start to create a concept that we believe will embody everything you need and want to achieve your goal.

Scripting & Visual Content Development

This is a very important part of the process. Your message is fleshed out during this stage and crafted to work perfectly for you. You may be launching a product, promoting your services, telling your story or simply connecting emotionally with your audience. Whatever it is designed to do, it will be driving the animation and live action we see on screen or projection. This is the reason it needs to be approved and locked before moving on to later stages. Changes to the script content after animation starts can cause delays in the process as we need to develop new voice over and new scenes.

A good script – whether it’s a audio script or a visual one – is the backbone of every great production and we work with some of the most experienced writers and creative directors available to ensure your message is entertaining and engaging.

As we come closer to obtaining sign off on the scripting, we will start to fill in the visual description to go with the script. The visual description is the Creative Directors visual interpretation of the script, describing what is happening on screen at each point.

Music Selection & Voice Over

We want to ensure your company has a voice, not just any voice, but the right voice. We audition many voice artists per project to make sure we have found the right voice for you. Sure we have our favourites and indeed we have a long list of talented voice over artists that we keep busy on a regular basis, but we always source new possibilities too. We narrow down the submissions and present you with our recommendations in a short list so you can have the final say. All the ones we present to you, we believe will work well. At the same time we will already be thinking of music to accompany the voice, something that resonates well with your image as well as with the voice over.
In the case of Projection Mapping projects we often start with a click track or tempo that will form the basis of a custom track that will be composed by our sound designers.

Storyboards, Style Frames & Animatics

Many projects require storyboarding, style frames and animatics, although some projects only require style frames and animatics, it depends on the complexity of messaging and your budget – which we always have in mind.

Typically each frame of a storyboard relates to a line or two of the script. A storyboard is often digitally created but may also be hand drawn. 

A style frame is a series of near final quality images that visually represents a particular point in the video, to illustrate style and mood as close to the final quality as possible.  Approved style frames are used when creating the final animation.

An animatic is an ‘advanced storyboard’ that is made up of the approved audio track along with sketched or rough images, hardware renderings or even just animated text to explain what will appear. The point of the animatic is to show flow and timing of each scene and does not represent the look or quality of the final video.  Your feedback is crucial during this stage because the animatic clearly represents the final production scene by scene before animation commences.  Getting this right saves time and budget later on.

Filming & Photography

This stage is relevant for live action, location and green screen shoots. We obtain all principle photography required to completed any video editing for the project. Everything we shoot is HD 1920x1080p and sometimes UltraHD (RED Scarlet 5120 x 2700p) for visual effects and green screen shoots. We use the very best equipment and talent to ensure your footage is of the very best quality.

Editing, Motion Graphics & Animation

This is where all the magic happens. It is also the most time consuming part. By this point, our whole team is clear on the concept and understands what is needed to get the project done. Contrary to what some people believe, we do not have a button that just “make stuff happen”. Everything is custom built, carefully key framed and animated and to do it well takes experience and talent.  Our 2D motion graphic artists and 3D animators are both experienced and talented.

Motion Graphics and 3D Animation has become an essential ingredient in today’s media, CG characters and products, animated typography, complex 3D dynamics and visual effects add a whole new level of possibilities to your production. Our design team know what’s hot and what’s not and they’ll bring a level of creativity and solid brand awareness to your project that you’ll be extremely proud of.

We spend countless hours bringing everything to life, using the very latest in editing and animation software. Text and graphic elements are built and animated to work seamlessly with the audio track along with 3D environments, scenes and objects to ensure your message is engaging and entertaining but most of all – understandable. We may go through a couple of iterations at this point to tweak elements and colour to make sure everything is as slick as possible.

Audio Mastering & Additional Sound Effects

At this point we go over the audio to ensure everything is mastered and equalized to sound awesome. As animation progresses, we also start to add in additional sound effects to emphasize various objects and actions in the video/animation, this increases the level of engagement with the audience.

Great audio is VERY important and our team has won many awards for sound design, it can be the make or break of a great production.  

Final Colouring

The last thing we do is colour grading. This ensures every shot and scene is saturated to perfection, every animated line, shape or object is matching throughout the video, every hue, shadow and highlight is perfectly spectacular. Techniques such as “crushing the blacks” help make the final look really pop.

Tweaks and Changes

Throughout our production process it’s important to note that you see each stage, feedback and approve.  We are very collaborative and always allow for a couple of small tweaks and revisions. There are so many elements created during this whole process, that no matter how much we plan something out, until you actually see the final version, it’s inevitable you will want to tweak something. 

Changing scripting or voice over at this point can be problematic as a whole scene may need to change, which could end up requiring many more hours to fix.

Final Delivery

With everything approved, we then set up the final files for full resolution rendering.

This can take anywhere from an hour or two, to several days to complete and depends heavily on the complexity of the scenes we have built for you. Fortunately we have a custom off site render farm for final rendering so render time is optimized. Motion graphics and video productions usually only take a few hours at the most to render and compress for delivery, whilst projection mapping productions take much longer due to the sheer size and resolution of the imagery.

Contact Go2 Productions to find out how we can help you with your next production. We love working with great people to create unique, immersive and memorable moments.

Engaging touchscreen installations for branded events.

We’ve all played a game of concentration, and now Go2 Productions has brought the classic game to corporate events – for a fun and memorable experience for guests.

Go2 has created a customizable touch screen memory game for corporate and branded events. To play, users have to quickly match pairs of tiles on an interactive screen while avoiding a “lemon” tile that would instantly disqualify them. The ten best times of the night are recorded on a scoreboard next to the game.

Engaging touchscreen installations for branded events.     Engaging touchscreen installations for branded events.

Here’s how we used it for a TELUS event and why it was so successful.

The game was a huge success because it was competitive. The high score table encouraged the guests to continue playing to beat their colleagues throughout the event. The fact that all the images were made up of TELUS critters made the game approachable and gave it a personalized touch.
The game was also highly visual and encouraged bystanders to watch people play. This made the game very entertaining to both watch and play. As a result, the game was very popular the entire night. We strategically set it up right by the bar, and Telus employees enjoyed watching each other compete for the best score!
To see the game in action at the TELUS event, take a look at the video below.

Interested in something similar for your company or corporate event? Contact Go2 Productions today!

#YouGottaSeeThis Moments with Immersive Brand Experiences

Do you want an immersive brand experience so unique and memorable that your audience shares it on social media instantly?
 We specialize in creating that #YouGottaSeeThis moment for brands as part of a live event or recorded for TV – using the latest in projection mapping, stereoscopic and interactive technologies. The best part… Everything is created in-house by our award winning team of artists and developers. With 35 awards to our name, all for outstanding content, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the results and so will your audience.
We’ve already created mind blowing projection mapping experiences and immersive environments for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, SouthWest Airlines, Seagate, Genie, The Vancouver Canucks and many, many more.  Let’s make your next brand experience ‘beyond expectations’. Click here to start a conversation.