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How to make a video viral

How to make a video viral

No Guarantees, Right?
Everyone knows, You cannot make a viral video. A video going viral is the result of several things happening in succession that causes the video to gain traction and spreading wildly through the social networks, hence – Going Viral!! But, there are certainly a few things you can do to give a video a little nudge in the right direction, so it has a better chance of becoming a great success in the social media networks.

Ultimately, creators don’t decide if something’s viral. People do.
With that in mind let’s focus on what makes a great video (that has the potential to go viral).

5 Tips to make a great video.

Great Content.
Great content is the number one reason a video goes viral. If it appeals to the masses, then this will be the biggest push you can give it. We always try to entertain and engage the intended audience first and foremost. Do not lie to the audience, be honest. Shoppers do not like to be deceived. When developing a viral video, be honest from the start that this video is branded. People are less bothered by a branded video if it entertains them. Evian and Old Spice commercials are a great example of this and the absolute kings are Red Bull.

Stirring up people’s emotions is the biggest guarantee that someone will hit the share button. People love to laugh and people love to make their friends laugh, so using humour in a video gives it a better chance of being ‘passed on’ to friends. Remember, the internet is NOT TV, so you can push the limit way further, be humorous and be edgy. The most viral of videos contain the following elements ; music, dancing, comedy, attractive women, hidden camera pranks, babies, cute furry animals, current and political references.

A short video stands a better chance of being passed around. We are a multi-tasking generation that does not want to view a 15 minute video to get to the joke. Keeping the content short also means you stand a better chance of the viewers watching the entire video and hearing the entire message. Keep it short and keep your audience captivated. Online attention spans are become shorter and shorter, the sweet spot is anywhere between 20 seconds and 2 minutes maximum, the shorter the better.

Even though it’s not guaranteed, it’s still good to have a plan in place to get the video out to as many people as possible quickly. Friday afternoon is the best time to get things going, just before the weekend. Seeding it to social networks like Facebook and Twitter over the weekend should be the next step. Remember, with Facebook alone you have a potential audience of,”1.55 billion monthly active users,” meanwhile other social sites like Twitter and Linkedin are catching up at 350million and 100million respectively. You should then consider relevant blogs and tweeters that you think will find the video sharable. Get the link out to as many friends as possible – HINT: your friends teenage kids are the best help you can have to get stuff out into the twitter-verse.

Furthermore give consideration to releasing a lot of videos to give yourself better odds of going viral on something. Create a range of content, launching it every few days or each week and making sure it is “cross-pollinated.” The aim should be to create a deeper relationship with individuals by means of appealing content, rather than beating consumers on the head with overt hard sales techniques.
Knowing your audience will be more than half the fight so you can make certain that the effect of the video is maximized for your audience.

•Online video stands out as the only advertising platform with a growth rate of 40 to 60 % annually.
•Online video viewing is increasing across all demographics. Television and print, currently have level or decreasing growth rates.
•The ROI of going in front of consumer eyes through internet video is substantial, as a consequence of reduced creation and distribution costs.
•A video by content is about ten times more prone to land in the top 10 search results when compared to articles of the identical product, since search engines seek to broaden the results. In other words, videos secure preferential treatment, and there’s an enhanced click through rate due to the fact videos turn up accompanied by a thumbnail.
•Video is the most visceral and interactive type of social media, making it the most efficient and engaging marketing device.
Individuals recall video far more than a banner ad.