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With internet and mobile bandwidth speeds increasing each year, online videos are growing in quality, accessibility and popularity, overtaking TV as the #1 platform for content. A web video today can be as simple as a motion graphics project or as complex as a high end TV commercial. Costs can vary depending on your visual requirements, desires and budget constraints.

You already know that your website’s visitors are the single most valuable asset you’ll ever have. Customers are paramount – without them, there’s no business. If you’re collecting visitors through banner or print advertising, you’ll be paying a premium to convert them into customers, making them a rather expensive commodity.
Given the fact that each visitor to your website is such a valuable and limited resource, are you doing everything possible to get your message across? Are you presenting your goods or services in the best possible light? If not, you’re probably letting most of your visitors get away without closing a sale. Web Video can help make your website ‘sticky’ and turn every visit into a potential sale.
People visiting your website need something to grab their attention. You usually stop and pay closer attention when something catches your eye, right? Most people will skim through your written material, just as you’ve probably skimmed through most of the material on this page, but they will watch your video presentations. Because of their increased interest level, they spend more time on your site learning about your services and as a result, your closing ratio on sales is much higher.
If you read this page up to this point, then you are one of the few visitors that do actually read the text content of a page. Most visitors just scan pages looking for clues to make a fast decision, and one of the fastest is to go away to a search engine, directory or a major portal. However most visitors will watch a video, if you have one on your website.
If you do nothing, your ratio of visitors to sales will continue to decrease. If it’s taking you 100 visitors to make a sale today, 6 months from now that number will probably be 1 in 200 and it will continue to decline as more of your competitors move over to web video.
We’ve seen countless marketers attempt to use outdated sales approaches which fail over and over again when used on the net. In order to make consistent sales online, your marketing plan has to be based on more than just the law of large numbers. Using a unique mix of motion graphics, 3D animation and video production we’ll make your web video the most powerful sales tool in your arsenal.

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