Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is an exciting new technology, allowing you to view content in a fully immersive 360º environment.

Go2’s focus for the technology is multi layered – from creating interactive virtual showrooms to previewing designs for event environments, large scale projection mapped installations and most exciting of all – creating fully immersive 360º audio visual brand experiences guaranteed to be out of this world.

Virtual Reality Applications

Immersive VR Experiences For Brands

Are you in need of a brand experience that can literally take your audience down the rabbit hole or up into space? We can take your audience on a heart pounding ride through custom built virtual environments that have them gasping for more. Imagine taking a trip to the International Space Station, staring back down towards Earth with the Moon to your side. Or floating through ever evolving landscapes with your brand colours creating stunning visual art – in every direction.

Virtual Showrooms

We create interactive virtual showrooms for items that are simply too large (or too small) for trade show floors or impossible to move – such as large machinery and vessels, to expansive spaces or even the microscopic. Imagine being able to navigate through a virtual environment with all the information relating your product at your finger tips, as a fully immersive and branded experience.

Previewing Event Spaces Using VR

With large event projection mapping being one of our services, we have used several ways to preview our work in progress in the past, including 3D printed and C&C cut scale models. We can now preview our work using VR so you can get a real sense of scale and perspective of what the projection surface will look like from an audience perspective – fully animated and life size. With this process now in our workflow we can offer a similar service to our clients who wish to view an event space. We can produce fully lit and rendered environments and literally place you inside the event venue during planning stages, allowing approvals of the design and any important tweaks to take place.

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