Using Comedy In Advertising, TV Commercials

Everyone loves a funny commercial, right? More importantly today, people love to share a funny tv commercial.

Some of the most successful & memorable TV commercials of all time have been built around a concept involving comedy. The reason for this is simple… we all like to laugh. We will more likely tell a friend about a tv commercial or ad campaign if it is funny and we’ll also remember it much longer. Especially if the concept is based on something we do every day, something we can all relate to either from work or at home.

That was the idea behind a series of commercials we produced for Revolabs – The conference phone evolved. Most people have been involved in a conference call at one time or another and have experienced different levels of frustration with the conference phone technology at hand, whether it’s varying volumes from the people on the call to glitchy reception and dropped calls etc.

Revolabs asked us to produce a series of 3 commercials based around these common conference call problems. This is one of the three. Enjoy, and don’t forget to tell a friend – these days it’s as simple as clicking the social media buttons above the video.

If you have a product or service that you think would benefit from having a funny TV commercial or even comedic web vide produced as part of its marketing, then give us a call on 604 408 5844. We’d be happy to discuss your project free of charge.


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