TV Commercial Production Services Vancouver, 3D Animation & Projection Mapping

Great example of what can be done visually using 3D tracking and 3D animation.

The concept here was to sell the ‘vision’, in particularly the vision of a 30 something female walking out on to her back deck, picturing in her mind how her deck and garden could look with Burnco’s Landscaping skills applied to it.

We only had 3 weeks to complete this project from initial phone call to air date, so it was already a challenge before it started.

Shooting an outdoor commercial on the west coast of Canada in March is always a risky thing, what with the weather being mostly wet and grey, but just two days after contract we had a solid concept and agreed to shoot the very next day, as it looked like it was our best shot at having no rain.

The whole spot was shot in one day using a RED Scarlet camera which we think gave us the best chance of pulling this off in time. We started tracking the footage the day after to prepare for the 3D animated scenes.

We used Cinema 4D for the 3D animations and After Effects for the roto, compositing and grading. We were very pleased with the results and the end client, once it made it to air, was also blown away with the result, apparently quoted as saying “it’s the best commercial we’ve ever had”.

At Go 2 Productions, Motion tracking and 3D compositing is an area in which our team loves to play and we plan to do many more commercials and shorts using this style of compositing.


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