3D Projection Mapping Content Production – Loopnet, Los Angeles – DSE Award Winner, 3D Animation & Projection Mapping

Projection mapping content : Go2 Productions Inc.

3D projection mapping is the latest trend for brand awareness and all sorts of high impact visual entertainment events. The modern ‘fireworks of today’ are dynamic, engaging and extremely entertaining, gaining brands of today extreme amounts of exposure through social media outlets such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
LoopNet, the largest online commercial real estate listing service, wanted to demonstrate how if your building was not listed on their network, then “it may as well be invisible.”  Go2 Productions was asked the question; “Can we make a building disappear using 3D projection mapping?“.

After a quick brainstorming session we replied with; “Yes, we believe we have a solution.”
We then produced several mock ups to show how we intended to make the illusion happen, one of which is shown here. By projecting what was beyond the building back onto the front of the building, it gave the illusion that the building was in fact transparent.

With a tip-o-the-hat to David Copperfield’s “Disappearing Statue of Liberty” Illusion, we requested a key component – a powerful lighting system that would work in conjunction with the projection visuals. The intent was to flash the lighting rig on full power for a second or so just before the illusion, causing the audiences pupils to reduce just enough to make the illusion work. At this precise moment, their eyes would be less receptive to the darker parts of the building, allowing us to make the roof of the building appear to fade into the night sky, at that moment we projected imagery of the city skyline that was beyond the building, back onto the building – giving the illusion of it being completely transparent.

Elaborate 3D animation sequences and big audio sound fx were designed by our team to lead up to the magical moment, including scenes that made the building transform to be different looking buildings, a giant pinball machine and massive Tesla Coils, throwing electrical arcs across the building that would not look out of place in a big budget Frankenstein movie.

Tid-bit : We mentioned we gave a tip-o-the-hat to David Copperfield’s “Disappearing Statue of Liberty” Illusion.  Another nod was given to Copperfield’s illusion by us adding in a helicopter at the moment the building disappeared.

- A helicopter was used in the disappearing statue illusion to misdirect the audiences attention, making the audience believe they were looking at the same point in space, when in fact the whole audience had been rotated a few degrees and was looking out to sea, instead of looking at the statue. The statues lights were turned off and it was hiding behind one of the towers of lighting rigs.

David Copperfield’s Disappearing statue illusion can be seen here.



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