3D Projection Mapping Content – Hyundai, Miami, 3D Animation & Projection Mapping

Projection mapping content: Go2 Productions

The location of this event was the front face of The Tides hotel located on South Beach in Miami. The music was custom written by the very talented Anamanaguchi, a chip tune indie rock band from New York who use a hacked NES games console to generate the 8-Bit sounds they use in their music.

We designed the look and feel of the 8-Bit world that was to be projected as part of the Art Basel installation. The idea was to have the Hyundai Veloster first appearing as a regular car then transform into an 8-Bit version of itself as it starts to take over the building and transform the building into a multitude of popular 8-Bit game-like scenarios.

The high impact 3D animation & visual effects for this one took our artists a total of 4 weeks to produce and went without a single hitch.


What is Video Projection Mapping ?

Video Projection Mapping is an exciting new projection technique that can transform almost any surface into a dynamic video display. A combination of very specialized software is used to accurately interpret the surface, animate the surface in 3D space and then to warp and mask the projected image back on to the building or structure, to make it fit perfectly on irregularly shaped surfaces. When done right, the end result is a dynamic projection installation that transcends ordinary video projection.


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