Funny TV Campaign – Don’t Eat Rocks! – Pharmacy, 3D Animation & Projection Mapping

Telly award winning video production

2012 Bronze Telly Award Winner – Use of Humor

When the makers of PlantCal, a plant based calcium supplement, met with us to create a series of tv commercials for them, we learned a lot about calcium and how most calcium supplements come from quarried rock… That’s right, quarried ROCK!

Well, during the meeting all sorts of possible ideas started flying around as to how we could create a campaign around this startling fact. One of which was this one. “Don’t Eat Rocks!” is a series of very funny tv commercials, designed to be visually ridiculous and yet, strangely enough, insanely true.

This one involved shooting a crazy pharmacist, a fragile old woman and jumpy passer by in front of our green screen, then replacing the background with a very stylized 3D environment, designed to feel as lifeless and dull as the competitor rock based calcium products.

The result was a very entertaining and funny tv commercial that has definite potential to go viral. My favourite shot we put into this in this spot is when the crazy pharmacist has finished hammering the rock of calcium into little pieces and he just drops the mallet onto the pieces, picks up a pile of small rocks and simply pounds them into the container with no respect or care at all. Love it!

*PlantCal is a wild-harvested macro algae from the sea and is an excellent source of calcium for increasing bone density. Unlike other calcium supplements on the market, PlantCal also contains at least 13 other bone supporting trace minerals and is accepted by the body much better than rock based calcium.

Don’t Eat Rocks!

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