386 Fuel Saver, 3D Animation & Projection Mapping

              client: 386 Warehouse Brands   agency: Go2 Productions   production: Go2 Productions   music: Go2 Productions


Getting paid to do what you love, that is the idea, i am sure you agree. We have always wanted to do a car based commercial, strangely enough, this concept started out as an in house 3D animation project between some of our artists. A client saw the work in progress on our demo reel and liked it so much that they asked if we could take it further for them to use as a finished TV commercial, of course we happily said yes.

We spent a couple of weeks texturing every element to a realistic level and building the tunnel and exterior environment, we then created a dramatic camera move for the cars approach that passed under the car, over the hood and then hanging back as the car exits the tunnel and continues on its way. The intention with this camera move was to have any frame in the tunnel scene look and feel like a glossy graphic novel image if you were to stop the commercial on any frame.

Everything was built, textured and animated in Cinema 4D. With the 15 second commercial only having one camera move, rendering using Global Illumination became an issue. After a whole week battling with unsuccessful Global Illumination render settings that were demanding over 60 hours of render time we decided to eliminate Global Illumination all together and adjusted the lighting set up in the scene so we did not need to rely on Global Illumination for a realistic look. After we did this we got the render time down to just 6 hours using our render farm and the realistic quality we were looking for.

We then spent a day adjusting colours in the tunnel scene to achieve graphic novel look we were going for. Both we and the client were very happy with the result.


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