Dell Technologies

Creating real magic with a jet engine, a boat and even a cow for a series of Dell Technologies TVCs.

A Projection of Greatness

A Projection of Greatness - 4 nights, 7500ft above sea level in the Rocky Mountains, in -25º temperatures - Cool enough for you?

FAÇADE Festival

Public Art installation for Burrard Arts Foundation that had an attendance of 35,000 and reached over 75,000 on Twitter using the hashtag #FacadeFest


A series of TV commercials with a unique, fun soundtrack.


An interactive application for trade shows and conferences that engages visitors and easily captures their data.

Genie Lift Anniversary

An edgy underground circus with aerialists performing to synchronised projected content.

Heroes Reborn Finale

Caught in-camera visual effects for TV and film using projection mapping for the Heroes Reborn finale.

Award Show Opener

There's no shortage of mesmerizing effects in our 'Alice in Wonderland'-themed opening video for the ILEA Live Esprit Awards.

Immersive Environments – MIRAGE

MetMirage is a mind blowing 360º immersive audio visual experience. Just like Doctor Who's TARDIS... It's bigger on the inside!

Southwest Airlines

Learn how Southwest Airlines announced their massive rebrand with maximum impact.

Canada Olympic Excellence Day

An 18-minute visual extravaganza projected onto the Canadian Olympic Committee building to celebrate Canada Olympic Excellence Day.

Genie Lift

A 10- storey building is used as a backdrop to launch Genie's 6 new vehicles at TRS2015.

Jimmy Kimmel Live Christmas Light Show

Bringing Christmas to Hollywood Blvd for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Projection Mapping #SFU50

Creating an ultra-wide projection mapping experience


Learn how we transformed the iconic Santa Monica clock tower into DJ turntables and futuristic graphic equalizers.


Watch an entire building shockingly drop down an entire floor using projection mapping with a retro arcade theme.

The Sleeping Prince

A daring projection mapping project that brought a best-selling iOS game to life on Lyndhurst Castle.

BC Tech Summit 4D Portal

A mindblowing 4D immersive environment with stereoscopic projection

BCIT 50th Anniversary

Using BCIT's hanger doors to create a 200ft wide x 33ft high custom projection surface - #BCIT50

Worldwide Product Launch For Pure Storage

Go2 Productions successfully managed a worldwide product launch for the Pure Storage brand.


A young, fresh explainer video that shows off your company's brand identity and personality.

Creating a Fully Immersive Environment

Creating an immersive projection mapping show opener that is out of this world!

Burnco Landscaping

Mixing 3D animation and motion graphics with live action sequences makes for amazing commercials.


3D projection mapping delivers a fully immersive experience at CES2015.

Simon Fraser University

Why project onto a screen when a perfectly ordinary wall will do. See the transformation.

Vancouver Canucks

Most video content is displayed on the jumbotron. We used the entire arena instead to create an unforgettable fan experience.


Can we make an entire building disappear? Of course we can. See the magic of the Go2 creative team in action.


An explainer video that captivates.


A hip and fresh creative for BCIT's young audience.

Sports Illustrated

The hottest Sport Illustrated cover launch required even hotter projection mapping content to celebrate 50 years.

Keith Haring

A modern day pop art love story, told using projection mapping on the Maritime Hotel, NYC


Find out how we used a Tommy Hilfiger commercial and transformed it into larger-than-life project mapping content.


Subtle, funny or clever, we'll produce the perfect TVC for your brand.

Using 3D Animation To Explain How Something Works

Need a complex product explained? Learn how we use 3D animation to explain how something works.

Recon Jet – Dawn

The latest commercial for Recon Jet - a product so innovative... Intel bought the company.

The Explainer Video

What is an explainer video and why are they so popular? Find out here.


Using humour to establish rapport with audiences in this funny TVC.


Elegantly designed corporate video


A video about style... should be made with style.

Retail Projection Mapping

Projection mapping helps products come to life with bold graphics and wild designs.


We combine a great script and striking visuals to produce meaningful corporate videos.

Bank of Montreal

A corporate video with a strong narrative and delivered with stylized graphics.

Permanent Projection Mapping Installations

Creating a casino sized permanent projection mapping installation

BIV Award Shows

Talk to Go2 and make your event more interesting than the chicken dinner staring back at you.


Creating a stunning opener video for TEDxEastVan

Emily Carr

Fun, informative and engaging short videos designed to captivate audiences inside public transit and elevators.


3D animated product advertising for TV and web, made to perfection

TELUS Touch Game

Interactive screens and content turned a regular AGM into a unforgettable brand experience for TELUS guests.

Recon Jet

This ultimate triathlete device needed an equally compelling TV commercial.


A homepage explainer video that can increase online conversions.


We've produced loads of successful explainer videos and TV commercials - just like this one.

Emily Carr – Campaign Launch

Working with Go2's video production services in Vancouver, is an extremely professional experience with guaranteed results.


Professionally produced corporate videos for businesses

Broadstreet Properties

We produce memorable high quality promotional videos.


Our 3D animation services have been called upon time and time again to make a product look better than real.


Trail Appliances came to us looking for a fresh look to their annual television commercials.

ETFO Awards Program

A fun, engaging 90-second video to promote the nominations for the ETFO Awards.

Delta Controls

High quality animated corporate videos for technical, engineering and industrial businesses.


Rich and vibrant 3D animation was used to compliment the RLife packaging, making it a stand-out TV commercial.

Avant Credit

Adding humour and a story into a TV commercial makes it much more memorable.

Kitchen King

Using stop motion animation for a TV commercial makes it both beautiful to watch and most importantly, memorable.


Fun and engaging corporate video