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In Action! Motion Graphics

November 20 2012

It is our belief that every business and organization can benefit from having a professionally produced video presence online – more so today than ever before. People can learn more about you and your organization by watching a short 90 second video rather than spending an hour or more clicking through page after page of SEO rich text entries. The future of the internet IS video, there is no doubt. The more mobile our access to the internet becomes, the more demand there is going to be for video. Click and watch some of the examples below, to see how powerful this medium really is and contact us today for a FREE consultation & estimate and see how we can help your organization both educate it’s audience and achieve the awareness it deserves through the power of online video using Motion Graphics.

In this months edition, we focus on one of the most popular forms of video available today – Motion Graphics.
Contrary to belief, motion graphics production today is very cost effective, easy to update and can be quick to produce. Motion graphics can also work for many different applications. At Go2, we have at least 4 or 5 motion graphics projects on the go at any one time. We love producing motion graphics videos and because there is so much ‘motion’, they are extremely successful at keeping peoples attention through to the very end. It is for these very reasons that many companies have corporate web videos produced using this technique.

Click on the examples below to watch some of our recent ‘motion graphics’ projects… enjoy!

#1 Corporate / Explainer Videos.

Corporate motion graphics can communicate a large amount of information to a viewer, but they also tell a story about the business. Because motion graphics engage the viewers senses more actively than a simple talking head, it keeps the viewer watching through to the end, ensuring the messaging about the personality of a company or organization is successfully delivered.

#2 TV Commercials.

Motion graphics are great for brand awareness, which is why so many corporations use them in tv commercials. Well designed graphic symbols and easy to read key words have all become very common place in todays commercial breaks. Using an easy-on-the-eye motion graphic approach, has been very successful for several companies like Lending Tree for example.


#3 Product Awareness.

We used a hand drawn form of motion graphics for this spot for an iphone app called Boss Yourself. Using a digital Wacom tablet, our artists drew our every item you see in this commercial and used After Effects to give it life. Fun and energetic motion, combined with youthful scripting gave the whole spot a playfulness the client wanted to target teens with a product awareness message, for the app that encourages teens to become entrepreneurs.

#4 Service Promotion.

In this example we see another form of hand drawn motion graphics called “video scribing“. Another name that has become popular for this technique is “whiteboard animation“. The thing that makes this technique so succesful, is the viewer wants to keep watching to see what the artists hand finally draws. Once the image is completed we go in and animate the drawing further, keeping the attention of the viewer all the way through to the end, again ensuring successful delivery of the message.

#5 Motivational Speaker Support.

If you have motivation event coming up, you may want to consider showing a motion graphics intro like this one. Designed to get an audience pumped up about a motivational seminar, right before the speaker enters the stage. Relevant facts were shown to the audience in a fast paced motion graphics piece that did a fantastic job at getting the audience engaged, focused and prepared for the main speaker of the night.

#6 TV Show Titles.

Probably one of the most known uses for motion graphics is of course tv show opening titles. These are very branded and very high energy, again designed to get an audience in the mood for the show that is about to start. We produced these titles for the very successful long running tv show – Business Television (BTV). In fact we did the entire motion graphics package for the in show graphics and even created the virtual studio that host Taylor Thoen presents from each episode.



Ask An Expert – SEO For Video

September 23 2012

We are starting a new series of expert advice blog entries that are designed to help you get the most out of your corporate video productions and web videos, ensuring a greater ROI for you and your organization.  This entry is written by Shannon Richardson, Account Manager at 6S Marketing Inc.

If you haven’t heard much about search engine optimization for video, you’re bound to become familiar with it soon. Public consumption of media is changing: with YouTube the #2 search engine on the planet, businesses are realizing that videos provide immense advertising opportunities. The demand for video ads is high, but competition is low—making digital video channels a new, fresh platform for product promotion. To improve the visibility of your video, we’ve compiled a few key strategies.
1. First of all, the length of the video should be considered. Shorter videos are generally more popular; in our rapid-paced world, few people have time to watch an hour-long promotional spot.  Keep it short —but not too short—and informative.
2. Choose to upload your video on an accessible server. You can host a video on your own server, but by uploading to YouTube, your video gets automatically entered into their search engine, making it easier for viewers to find.
3. Remember, the title is what most people will search for. Find a way to incorporate your brand name into the title, as well as vital keywords. Tools like Google Adwords can provide recommended related search terms, estimated search volume, and other helpful information.
4. Likewise, the video description should also contain keywords. The video description is important: it helps search engines understand your video quickly, as it’s easier to process text rather than intensive video format.  If there’s an external link that should be included with your video, place the link in the video description.
5. Tags can be added to your video to further increase search potential. These tags should be keywords optimized for your target audience—place the most critical keywords at the beginning of your tag sequence.
If you utilize these tips, your target demographic will have a better chance of finding and accessing your video. Optimization doesn’t stop there—after you’ve uploaded, tools like YouTube analytics can provide information concerning your audience demographics, playback locations, engagement statistics (views, likes, shares, etc.) and traffic sources. You can even receive direct consumer feedback in the form of online comments. As you can see, improving your video’s search potential is a valuable means of increasing your company’s visibility overall.

Create Product Awareness With Web Video

August 22 2012

How to create Product Awareness with motion graphics and 3D animation

We live in an ever-evolving world where the means of communication are constantly changing. In the beginning there was print, then radio, then TV, then the Internet, then mobile phones, now smart phones and tablets etc. Not surprisingly there are a countless number of companies that are struggling to keep up with the evolving ways to alert their target market of their products or services.

VIDEO.   In one word, ‘video’ is the quickest and strongest way for any business to bring a message or product to as many potential costumers as possible in this day and age. You might even be aware that as you read this article your interest is becoming thinner and thinner, this is because ‘online text’ no longer satisfies the average person’s attention spans. We live in an age where finding answers to our questions are easy and entertaining that our patience has grown impatient.
Consider this… Looking ahead with mobile data becoming the future of how people access the internet, creating product awareness will be only possible with video production and impossible with paragraphs of tiny font read on tiny screens.

Go2 Productions can help you promote your products with excellent video production services, motion graphics and animation. Contact us now to request a free quote.

Learn Why It’s Best To Host Your Web Video On YouTube

August 21 2012

YouTube is the best solution for SEO

Knowing that videos are now an essential part to any business’ website many companies opt to host their corporate video through their company’s website believing the customization will add to their overall branding strategy and mistakenly overlook the elephant in the room: YouTube.

The reasons YouTube is the logical choice in video hosting are many, as the hosting is absolutely free. It doesn’t require any complicated coding to post videos, and most importantly it allows your video to be accessible to the largest audience of video consumers on the Internet!

YouTube is also global, which means it doesn’t matter if you watch a web video in London, New York or Vancouver, regardless of where you are the stream remains high speed and accessible. Hosting a web video on a ‘location dependent’ server will not give you the same results and at the end of the day a well-crafted web video can do nothing if no one can view it. If you have a lot of videos on your website it starts to make even more sense. Embedding your corporate video production from a YouTube Channel also keeps your website light so you can get away with a smaller hosting package.

YouTube also has a lot of SEO benefits that allows your video to become ‘searchable’ and show up in Google. This works especially well if you transcribe your video.

Everything stated above is why YouTube also has earned a worldwide trust and why we here at Go2 host all our video’s on YouTube.

We Have Moved!

July 11 2012

Go 2 Productions Award Winning Video Production

Go 2 Productions Award Winning Video Production

Our new address :  Suite 1601 – 128 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 1R8.

July 1st 2012 marked the start of a new chapter at Go2 Productions. We finally moved from the basement of The Electra Building, to the 16th floor of The Sun Tower, located at 128 West Pender Street. Our artists are loving the fresh air blowing in through the 16th floor windows and now that the sun has finally come out, we are all feeling very refreshed and inspired too. The view is amazing and can be seen on our Instagram feed @Go2Productions . Like it says on the Sun Towers Website“This is not office space, It’s creative space.”

The Sun Tower is a standard fixture in Vancouver’s historic downtown. The distinctive green dome was painted to imitate air-worn copper. When it was completed in 1912, it was called The World Building and was the tallest building in the British Empire at 82 m (269 ft). For two years, it was the tallest building in Canada and indeed the British empire, until Toronto’s 20-story Optima Business Centre opened in 1914.
The Sun Tower Vancouver BC

In 1918, droves of Vancouverites turned out to watch as Harry Gardiner, the “Human Fly”, scaled the outside of the building. When The Vancouver Sun bought the building in 1937, it was renamed. Although The Sun newspaper has long since relocated, first to South Granville then to Granville Square, the building has retained the name.

The exterior of The Sun Tower has also been used as the Watchtower in the hit TV show – Smallville. The tower has been digitally enhanced to look much taller. The Watchtower is a large tower building located in the heart of Metropolis, with a loft apartment overlooking the whole of the city. It is the tallest building in Metropolis, towering over LuthorCorp Plaza.
The Sun Tower

We also found a local artist online who has done a fantastic job of portraying The Sun Tower in her own style. This and other Laura Zerebeski’s landmark paintings  can be purchased from her website, by clicking the image below.

Laura Zerebeski

Laura Zerebeski - The Sun Tower

How To Make A VIral Video

June 18 2012

Making a viral video

No Guarantees, Right?

Everyone knows, You cannot make a viral video.  A video going viral is the result of several things happening in succession that causes the video to gain traction and spreading wildly through the social networks, hence – Going Viral!!   But, there are certainly a few things you can do to give a video a little nudge in the right direction, so it has a better chance of becoming a great success in the social media networks. Example… Here’s what we did for Crazy Razor Club  WARNING: Contains adult humour, not suitable for all audiences.

Ultimately, creators don’t decide if something’s viral. People do.
With that in mind let’s focus on what makes a great video (that has the potential to go viral).

5 Tips to make a great video.

Great Content.
Great content is the number one reason a video goes viral. If it appeals to the masses, then this will be the biggest push you can give it. We always try to entertain and engage the intended audience first and foremost. Do not lie to the audience, be honest. Shoppers do not like to be deceived. When developing a viral video, be honest from the start that this video is branded. People are less bothered by a branded video if it entertains them. Evian and Old Spice commercials are a great example of this and the absolute kings are Red Bull.

Stirring up peoples emotions is the biggest guarantee that someone will hit the share button. People love to laugh and people love to make their friends laugh, so using humour in a video gives it a better chance of being ‘passed on’ to friends. Remember, the internet is NOT TV, so you can push the limit way further, be humorous and be edgy. The most viral of videos contain the following elements ; music, dancing, comedy, attractive women, hidden camera pranks, babies, cute furry animals, current and political references.

A short video stands a better chance of being passed around. We are a multi-tasking generation that does not want to view a 15 minute video to get to the joke. Keeping the content short also means you stand a better chance of the viewers watching the entire video and hearing the entire message. Keep it short and keep your audience captivated. Online attention spans are become shorter and shorter, the sweet spot is anywhere between 20 seconds and 2 minutes maximum, the shorter the better.

Even though it’s not guaranteed, it’s still good to have a plan in place to get the video out to as many people as possible quickly. Friday afternoon is the best time to get things going, just before the weekend. Seeding it to social networks like Facebook and Twitter over the weekend should be the next step. Remember, with Facebook alone you have a potential audience of 500 million, Twitter is also around the same amount. You should then consider relevant blogs and tweeters that you think will find the video sharable. Get the link out to as many friends as possible – HINT: your friends teenage kids are the best help you can have to get stuff out into the twitter-verse.

Furthermore give consideration to releasing a lot of videos to give yourself better odds of going viral on something. Create a range of content, launching it every few days or each week and making sure it is “cross-pollinated.” The aim should be to create a deeper relationship with individuals by means of appealing content, rather than beating consumers on the head with overt hard sales techniques.

Knowing your audience will be more than half the fight so you can make certain that the effect of the video is maximized for your audience.

•Online video stands out as the only advertising platform with a growth rate of 40 to 60 % annually.

•Online video viewing is increasing across all demographics. Television and print, currently have level or decreasing growth rates.

•The ROI of going in front of consumer eyes through internet video is substantial, as a consequence of reduced creation and distribution costs.

•A video by content is about ten times more prone to land in the top 10 search results when compared to articles of the identical product, since search engines seek to broaden the results. In other words, videos secure preferential treatment, and there’s an enhanced click through rate due to the fact videos turn up accompanied by a thumbnail.

•Video is the most visceral and interactive type of social media, making it the most efficient and engaging marketing device.
Individuals recall video far more than a banner ad.

About Go 2 Productions

June 07 2012

High Impact Video Production

Award Winning Video Production

The primary goal of any business is to attract more customers.  These days, online video content is the best way.  Online video content allows you to demonstrate your products, explain processes, engage and educate your audience and promote your brand much quicker than any traditional website.

The right video content can use social networks to spread your message worldwide.  With good content, high impact videos and intelligent media placement, this happens instantly.

Online video content also has enormous SEO benefits.  When you include motion graphics or 3D animation product videos on your website or create a YouTube channel dedicated to your brand, you will see results at an astounding rate.  The power of online video is growing.  It is no longer a question of whether or not you should you have video, but when.  Don’t play catch up with your competition.  You can’t afford to miss out.

That’s where we can help!

We create high impact video content specifically designed to develop your brand, attract more customers and generate more business.  You can use these videos for websites, social media, broadcast TV, conventions and training or re-purpose them for countless other situations.

Click on our work to see some examples of TV commercials and web videos we have created for clients all over North America.  Take a look at our 2-minute demo reel on the home page and get a feel for what we could do for you.  Give us a call at 1 866 408 5844 – (604 408 5844), or use the quote request on the right to find out just how affordable our top quality video can be.
Here are some interesting online video facts:

You Tube now accounts for more than 80 percent of all embedded and linked web videos, followed by Vimeo at just 8.8 percent.

Two Billion YouTube videos are watched every day, that translates to 23,000 videos watched per second.

In a recent SundaySky report, nearly 18 percent of the major search engine results pages contained video results.

Go 2 Productions is more than a top-notch corporate video production company.  We unite the talents of creative directors, scriptwriters, cinematographers, 2D and 3D motion graphics artists, compositors, audio and visual effects experts all in one location.

Our motion graphics and digital media production services in Vancouver are the best in the business.  We take pride in constantly delivering world-class TV commercial production, corporate video production, web video production, post-production and creative visual services.

Our videos have just won 8 Telly Awards.  The Telly Award is the premier industry award honoring the finest film and video productions, groundbreaking web commercials and outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs.

Contact us now for a free quote; we look forward to working with you.

Go2 Wins 8 Awards – in the 33rd Annual Telly Awards

April 16 2012

Award Winning Production Company

Award Winning TV Commercial Production

The Telly Awards is the premier award honoring the finest film and video productions, groundbreaking web commercials, videos and films, and outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs.

Now in it’s 33rd year, the Telly statuette has been a symbol of creative excellence. Silver Winners are awarded a Silver Telly statuette, the highest honor. Bronze Winners are awarded a Bronze Telly statuette.

The Telly Awards has named Go 2 Productions as a 2 times Silver winner & 6 time Bronze winner in the 33rd Annual Telly Awards for multiple TV commercials. The Annual Telly Awards receives over 11,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 continents.

The spots we received awards for are listed below ;

Sunshine Coast Health Centre – LIVING IN DENIAL – TVC30
2012 Silver Award – Local TV & Local Cable – Sound/Sound Design
2012 Bronze Award – Local TV & Local Cable – Videography/Cinematography

2012 Silver Award – Local TV & Local Cable – Not-for-profit
2012 Bronze Award – Local TV & Local Cable – Sound/Sound Design

Padgett Business Services – MONSTER – TVC45
2012 Bronze Award – Local TV & Local Cable – Business Equipment and Services
2012 Bronze Award – Local TV & Local Cable – Visual Effects
2012 Bronze Award – Local TV & Local Cable – Lighting

PLANTCAL – Don’t Eat Rocks – PHARMACY – TVC15
2012 Bronze Award – Local TV & Local Cable – Use of Humor

“This is the first time we’ve entered any of our commercials into an awards ceremony, to walk away with 8 awards from a world wide competition like this is an absolute honor. This is a real achievement for our whole team. Well done to everyone!”
Adrian Scott, President & Creative Director.


The Telly Awards was founded in 1979 and is the premier award honoring outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs, the finest video and film productions, and online commercials, video and films.  Winners represent the best work of the most respected advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators, and corporate video departments in the world.

For its 33rd season, The Telly Awards once again joined forces with YouTube to give the public the power to view and rate videos submitted as part of the People’s Telly Awards.  In addition to recognition from the Silver Telly Council, the judging panel that selects the Telly Awards winners, the Internet community helps decide the People’s Telly Awards winners. So be sure to go over to YouTube to vote on our videos there ! We will tweet when our video round is up for voting   ;)

A prestigious judging panel of over 500 accomplished industry professionals, each a past winner of a Silver Telly and a member of The Silver Telly Council, judged the competition, upholding the historical standard of excellence that Telly represents.

LOL = Little Old Lady

April 04 2012

Those of you who know us will also know we like to star in our own spots every now and then, kind of cameo appearances. We see it as a kind of fun perk. Y’know, “Guy in cafe”, “Freaked out dude” etc etc.
Well, no one has had more cameo appearances than our very own audio editor and motion graphic artist Klim Levene.
He’s appeared in several spots that have aired nationally. This Thursday we are shooting another series of short commercials, one of which involves a little old lady who fell over… You guessed it we decided to use Klim for the role.
FYI, This is just a test shot without make up, but doesn’t he look perfect as an 85 year old woman. Lol :)


5 Steps for Writing a GREAT Web Video Script

March 27 2012

To write a great web video script, or even a TV commercial script for that matter, be sure to follow these 5 simple steps.

1. KISS (Keep it Short and Simple)
While content trumps length, it’s critical to keep your script to a manageable length. Thirty to sixty seconds is ideal. Once you get above ninety seconds, you better have some pretty great content, or you’ll start losing viewers fast.
Creating a concise script depends on using short sentences and simple language. Always try to avoid industry jargon and make sure to have someone outside of your company review the script before signing off.

2. Set the Tone
Video is powerful precisely because you have the ability to choose a tone for your company and connect with your customers in a way that text cannot.
The tone you choose to write in often depends on the intended audience. However, with any script, it’s safe to assume that your audience wants to watch something engaging, unique and useful. In that case, be personal. The viewer should be able to relate to what you’re talking about. In certain situations (most, in my opinion), a little humor can go a long way.

3. Start with an Elevator Pitch
There are exceptions, but most great marketing videos start with a clear and compelling elevator pitch in the first five seconds. An elevator pitch is your hook. It should quickly convey the core message behind your product or service. Crafting a great pitch can take a lot of time, but once you’ve nailed it, it can significantly help people remember who you are and what makes you unique.

4. Tell a Story
Everyone loves a good story, so why should your video be any different? A story, in essence, is a progression with a beginning and an end. Along the way, it identifies a problem and presents a solution.
Start by identifying the pain point. What is the problem your product or service solves? Make sure you present it in a way that your audience can easily identify with. Oftentimes, walking through a simple scenario or case example can help viewers connect.
Once you’ve painted a compelling picture of the problem, present your solution. What makes your product or service the ideal solution? Why should they choose you over the competition? Be clear and confident with your value proposition. Your solution should create a desire in the viewer to act, and act soon.

5. What’s in it for Me?
Throughout the script, never forget to be continually answering the key question every viewer will have, “what’s in it for me?” From start to finish, your video should be focused on your potential customer, what they want and how you can help them get it. Finally, end your script with a call to action – a next step the viewer can take to get started.
Writing a great script is hard work, but when you do it right, it will pay dividends. By using a personal tone, simple language, an interesting story and a valuable offer, you’re well on your way to creating a video that sells.


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