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Motion Graphics for Corporate Video Production

March 26 2014

So, you’re researching corporate video production… that’s why you’re here. But what kind of corporate video is right for you?

There are so many different techniques for producing a corporate video nowadays. Gone are the days of having to settle for a live action interview style corporate message. Live action works in some cases, sure… but it does have several disadvantages when it comes to changing and updating content, something that happens often in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

2D & 3D motion graphics is the most versatile and engaging video production technique around and has been the technique of choice for around 65% of our clients. Click here to learn more about motion graphics for corporate video production.

TED in Vancouver March 17th – 21st 2014

March 13 2014

image credit :

Vancouver is abuzz about all things TED, we are beyond thrilled to have such a fantastic and forward thinking conference in our home city.  Ideas Worth Spreading is what it’s all about and there are many historical firsts happening this year for TED.

1. It’s the first time the main TED conference has been held outside of it’s regular home in California, though TED Global has been held in Europe, Africa and India before.

2. It’s the first time the conference will be live streamed to the public in the host city. The talks will be screened on the Jumbotron at the Terry Fox Plaza on Beatty St (right at the east end of Robson St). Let’s hope the weather stays nice as it’s open to the elements – bring your umbrellas, toques and warm clothing just in case.  The plaza is close to Stadium/Chinatown skytrain station (Beatty St entrance) and parking is available at 620 Beatty St or 500 Beatty St.

3. It’s the first time libraries and educational facilities can apply to live screen the event too. Make sure to check with your school, university or local library to see if they are taking part.

Go2 was very happy to sponsor a local TEDx event in 2013: TEDxRenfrewCollingwood.  We worked with their lovely designers Lisa Edwards and Jasmine Chin and created stage visuals inline with their SteamPunk theme.  We also assisted Jon Juan with video editing the talks for their YouTube channel.


Coachella Festival, 330+ Files for 360º ‘Mirage’ Projection Installation

March 03 2014


Go2 Designed and Produced 330+ HD Animation Files, 7 Different House Styles for Coachella’s 360º Projection Install

Go2 Productions was proud to be a part of a collaboration of great talent, to produce such a stunning art install at last years Coachella Music Festival – conceived by Coachella’s Art Director – Paul Clemente. – A massive 140’ long structuredesigned to look like a Californian art deco style house of the 1960’s and 1970’s era – called ‘Mirage’. A full 360º projection. The project included an array of projectors strategically placed to cover every visible surface, including a full size pool projection underneath the structure.

Go2 Productions created a mind blowing total of 330+ Full HD animated video files for the project, working closely with Artist Paul Clemente every step of the way to ensure his artistic vision was brought to life. The massive library of files included a  total of 7 completely different house texture combinations comprising of wood, brick, block, steel, plastic, rock and siding combinations were also part of the design scope, complete with moving blinds on the windows and constantly changing interior decor, complete with live video elements of people walking back and forth through the house and sometimes even partying in large groups.

The animation files were broken down in a way that made mixing and matching of file combinations very flexible, giving an almost infinite amount of possible combinations, ensuring it never appeared to be simply looping, instead it was always evolving. The first weekend showed just a few of the combinations of video files…

The second weekend of Coachella was the weekend where everything was revealed!!

Content Production and Animation: Go2 Productions.

Projection Installation: PMP.

Contact us for more information on how we can make your events have more impact with mind blowing projection mapping content.


Go2 Wins Gold at The DSE Awards

February 17 2014

DSE, or Digital Signage Expo is the world’s largest international trade-show dedicated to digital signage, interactive technology, and Out-of-Home networks. In short, it is the biggest industry event for Projection Mapping for the year!

Our President/Creative Director Adrian Scott made a whirlwind tour down to Las Vegas last week, arriving the day the conference started and flying back to Vancouver on the night of the last day. The excursion paid off, with Go2 sweeping up not one but two awards in the announcements.

Go2 Productions’ content won in the following categories:
▪ Gold for Projection Mapping Content – Education: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Simon Fraser University, we pushed the boundaries of possibility by abandoning traditional projection screens in favor of using the entire wall of their presentation room as a dynamic projection surface, to amazing results.

▪ Bronze for Projection Mapping Content – Public Spaces: Loopnet is North America’s #1 commercial real estate website who wanted to make their impact known. When they asked if we could make an entire building disappear, we couldn’t wait to take on the challenge! The end result was amazing, a never seen before spectacle that solidified Loopnet’s place as leaders in their market.

Our team is so proud to have had our work recognized as the best in the industry, and we are looking forward to releasing the exciting new projects we are working on for 2014 which push the boundaries like never before!
See more at:

The Fraser Institute

January 31 2014

Go2 Productions leads the way to new avenues of funding for the Fraser Institute.

We harnessed powerful messaging tactics and an original targeting method to bring home the relevancy of the Fraser Institutes’ work to everyday people like you and me…

Bringing fresh eyes to the Fraser Institute’s offering was no mean feat. Although their work affects the lives of all of us every day, not many of us are aware of just how important they are in keeping our world ‘free and prosperous’.

The Fraser Institute is a think tank, dedicated to researching the effects of critical economic decisions and public policy issues like taxes, government spending, healthcare, education, and trade. The information they provide enables us as voters, and our leaders as decision makers, to understand the consequences of those critical decisions and make informed choices about our future.

The Fraser Institute has a unique challenge when seeking funding: to highlight the relevancy of their research to everyday society in efforts to garner funding from donations. Previously, their style has typically been very suit-and-tie professional, and they needed something different, something that would grab the attention they need to get their message across.

Go2 rethought the Fraser Institute’s product offering from scratch. We repositioned their targeting for this project towards mothers who, as the matriarch of the family, are often the best community influencers of social issues affecting our collective futures. The emotional messaging strategy was devised using little 7 year old Evie, working closely with our script writer to show the world from this characters’ point of view, combined finally with the exceptional talent of our lead 2D artist Eli Trevino, we created a piece that is simultaneously heart-wrenching, inspiring and delightfully cute, bringing to life the connection effects that the Fraser Institute has with our world. Check out the full video.


Go2 is FINALIST at DSE Awards

January 22 2014

We are very honoured to announce that Go2 Productions has been nominated for not one, but two DSE Content Awards for 2014!

DSE, (Digital Signage Expo), is the world’s largest international trade show dedicated to digital signage, interactive technology, and Out-of-Home networks. In short, it is the biggest industry event for Projection Mapping for the year! Our content has been nominated for the following categories:
▪ Projection Mapping – Education: For the production we created to help celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Simon Fraser University 
▪ Projection Mapping Content – Public Spaces: For a monumental advertising event for online commercial real estate listing giant – Loopnet, where we made an entire building disappear in downtown L.A.!

The DSE Expo & Conference is held this year from the 11th-14th of February in Las Vegas, where we’ll find out if we’ve made gold, silver or bronze. Wish us luck on Twitter: @Go2Productions 
For more information on the DSE Content Awards, check out their website. 
To see more ground-breaking content from Go2 Projections, visit our new Projection Mapping  Work page.


3D Projection Mapping – Content Demo Reel

December 05 2013

We have been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands over the last couple of years, in producing some very high impact experiential executions. These have ranged from projection installations as small as mannequins with every evolving clothing to large scale building projections such as the Hyundai and Sports Illustrated projects and even the largest installation at Coachella in April 2013.

We have taken some of our favourites and rolled them into one high impact reel for you… feel the energy!

Imagine what we could do for your brand, organization or event.

Contact us now for a free consultation.


7 captivating ways to use video on your website

October 30 2013

You probably read many blogs highlighting the importance of video in your marketing strategy. Lots of stats show how visual content drives more engagement and retains audience. The next step is actually making it happen and start incorporating it into your website. Here are 7 ideas of how to use video effectively, offering relevant information to your audience and sharing meaningful content that adds value to your client base.

1. Explainer /Concept Video
Want to make a point, go straight to it? Explainer videos are short clips using compelling audio-visual elements that make easier for people to understand a concept, product or service in a simplified way. They usually range from 30-90 seconds and combine audio explanations and attractive animation that break the message into digestible pieces, making it more effective and memorable than just plain text.  Here a couple examples:

Example: The Cube

Example: California Psychics

These videos save your audience’s time and retain their attention. Also gives an overview of what you are talking about, why should they care, who are you and how you can help them.

2. Tutorials (How to)
Not everyone (or nearly no one) reads user manuals. Video is a great alternative to deliver instructions on how to assemble, use or make small fixes on products. Find out what questions and problems real users have and address them in a straightforward way.
Show the correct use or troubleshoot, while voice-over and motion graphics deliver the instructions. When people SEE what they’re supposed to do, it’s easier to understand where “that piece” is supposed to go, for example. Small details can affect products’ performance and durability. ‘How to’ videos are twice as positive, attracting new buyers (who understand your product better), and more importantly, helping clients who bought it but may face challenges. By helping them to solve potential problems, you prevent frustrated customers and improve their experience with your brand, making clients more likely to share or recommend it.

3. Special Promotions /
We all love a good deal. Incorporating promotions to your marketing campaign is great, and communicating it effectively is essential to get the audience onboard. Video can promote the benefits of the campaign (a reward, lower prices or extended benefits) using appealing visuals that are consistent with your branding, include a call to action and portrait your professionalism.

Example: My Points

4. Webinars

A great tip to create content is “educating beyond your brand”. By sharing a bit of experience, bring complementary ideas that don’t directly relate to your selling, but might be helpful to the user perspective. This gets people interested in the subject, creating awareness. The focus is not pitching, just adding value and information to start a conversation. If what you are offering is instructive, interesting and fun, people will stay around and probably return for more – increasing you website “stickiness” and relevance. They’ll recognize you as a specialist and, in the long run, become open to your core message. Since knowledge is power, remember Uncle Ben’s advice and use it “with great responsibility”.

5. Executive profiles / Interviews
It’s nice to put faces to names and know who you’re talking to. Right? Brands should do the same. Build credibility by showing who is behind the desk: video can bring the human element back to your business, letting customers connect with your motivation, values and objectives. Plan your speech, keeping in mind that to be effective it needs to be true and natural. Mean what you say and don’t be stiff or over-rehearsed. Be careful with the production, making sure the audio is captured correctly, and the lighting and camera set-up are right. Soundtrack, editing and post-production make the fine tuning.

Example: Thomas Haney School

6. Testimonies
People are becoming more and more trusting of internet reviews since shared experiences are growing aspects in our collective and connected society. Satisfied customers who are willing to share their cases are a huge opportunity. Never underestimate the power of client’s words to advocate for you. They often bring insights that most companies never get by being so involved with the business. As said before, it must be and feel genuine. Please don’t hire actors to fake testimonies.

7. Demo Reels
Whist the term originally designated a video collection of an artist portfolio, demo reels should illustrate your service or product in action, showing the art and magic of your work. It may include achievements, making of, behind the scenes – anything that could show the viewer the value of what you do. Offer a unexpected and impressive glimpse of what happens before the final result.

We can help you learn more about the video production process (Link to past blog post). Go2 creates high impact video for corporate clients. Get in touch now (Link to contact page) and we’ll help you to make it great!

The Golden (and Tech) Age of Retail

September 04 2013

Innovation in Retail

by Caique Santiago

With retailers slowly facing recovery from the bumps of the world economic crisis’, much has been discussed on how brick-and-mortar stores would be in jeopardy. No doubt, physical stores are strongly investing  to innovate and prevent from losing share to e-commerce – but creativity and technology are actually leading to a new world of possibilities in interactive and responsive experiences – this will possibly become a new golden age for Retail.

Still hearing the echo of entrepreneur Marc Andreessen’s apocalyptical words “Retail will be dead”, we know that shopping in stores is becoming less a basic necessity and more an option. None the less, huge online players such as Amazon and E-Bay are constantly considering the in-person aspects of the shopping experience. Clearly there are more things behind people’s behaviour and motivations to drive consumers into stores.

Unique Experience

Doug Stephen, known as the Retail Prophet, is a strong evangelist of shopping as a bigger human experience. According to Stephen, that experience includes the need to socialize and to commune – as the act of shopping is in some ways of greater value than the goods purchased. How are brands attracting consumers and making store environments not only appealing, but truly remarkable? Innovative companies are transforming how customers go from simply shopping to having full immersive shopping experiences. The difference is subtle, but meaningful. Technology and Design can provide support when brands try to get in touch with people’s motivation.

An example of exciting technology to give retailers a head start is 3D Projection Mapping. This technique helps brands show and tell compelling stories whilst transforming products into real-life canvases. Early adopters include high fashion boutiques, automotive industries, furniture companies and sport material suppliers. High impact Motion Graphics and Animation explore product characteristics, brand positioning and campaign story.

Digital content is already being used to expand consumer experience, including interactive displays, responding to the audience choices. Through augmented reality, it is simple to preview how clothes would go together or how customized products would look before it is produced. The possibilities are endless and consumers are empowered to become co-creators of their experiences. A key to really succeeding with such projects is having quality high-impact content.

Engage, Share and Interact

One of Silicon Valley most respected Digital Analysts, Brian Solis has been advocating that the future of business will depend on creating shared experiences and connecting to aspirations. Bringing that to the Retail environment, we should understand and embrace how connected consumers engage, share and interact. That means retailers should rethink how information is presented and consumed to trigger emotional responses – either from someone in the store or everyone digitally connected and influenced by that person.

According to analytics firm ForeSee Results, about 70% of consumers use a mobile phone while shopping (talking to friends, comparing prices and sharing information on social media). This should not be perceived only as a threat, but also as an opportunity, since brands can play around and extend shopping experiences, they can blur the borders of reality and virtual environments. Highly connected consumers can take word of mouth to viral scale using Social Media – and that brings positive outcomes for both online and physical sales.

In conclusion, although traditional stores need to evolve with the revolution of highly connected people, Retail shouldn’t be resistant to technological innovation. On the contrary, brands which embrace and understand consumers behaviour and aspirations will have a bright and profitable future ahead.

Learn more about Projection Mapping and Motion Graphics

Get Innovative with Animated Sales Pitch

August 14 2013


By Caique Santiago

How good is your sales pitch? Is it sharp enough to capture keep audience attention?
With the huge amount of information that we are all constantly exposed to everyday, explaining ideas well, but to the point is the “Make or Break”. A winning sales pitch should include these five points:

To go the extra mile in engaging people, companies ranging from Start-ups to huge players such as Google and Apple are using Animation or Motion Graphics to explain projects and ideas.

Well crafted videos guide audiences through stories, making all the bits and bites of information understandable. They go from the problem to the solution, highlighting your brand differentials and advantages in seconds. Every business should have at least one 60-90 second explainer video, as it illustrates explicitly the essence of the company and benefits for their clients. 

Another resource for robust explanations are 3D Animations, which are perfect for illustrating hard to film processes and mechanical devices (the inside of an engine, for example). We take your core message and explain it in a clear and concise manner.

Our own development processes are clearly explained to you before every project, ensuring you fully understand and are aware of how the project is progressing.
Go2 would love to help create an awareness video for your campaign or business. To get started, simply request a consultation today.


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