Video and Projection Mapping Production Process Explained

When you hire Go2 Productions to produce a corporate video, tv commercial, or projection mapping event one of the first…


Engaging touchscreen installations for branded events.

We’ve all played a game of concentration, and now Go2 Productions has brought the classic game to corporate events…


#YouGottaSeeThis Moments with Immersive Brand Experiences

Do you want an immersive brand experience so unique and memorable that your audience shares it on social media instantly…


How to make a video viral

How to make a video viral

No Guarantees, Right?
Everyone knows, You cannot make a viral video. A video going…


The Golden (and Technology) Age of Retail

With retailers slowly facing recovery from the bumps of the world economic crisis’, much has been discussed on how brick…


3D Projection Mapping – Content Demo Reel

We have been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands over the last couple of years, in producing some…


Go2 is FINALIST at DSE Awards

We are very honoured to announce that Go2 Productions has been nominated for DSE Awards.

DSE, (Digital Signage Expo), is…


Multi Award-Winning SFU Video Nominated For Yet More Hardware

The SFU 50th Anniversary Campaign projection mapping we conceived and produced, already awarded with a gold at the DSE awards…

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