Case Studies

Tornado Case Study

Go2 Productions are very proud to be a part of the success story that is Tornado Speed Release. Congratulations to Sven and everyone who worked on the many videos we produced for Tornado over the last 4 years.

We have produced well over a dozen videos for Tornado, ranging from TV commercials to instructional operation videos, from when the product never actually existed in reality, only as a 3D engineering file that was the dream of Sven to produce the fastest to deploy pepper spray device in the world.

The success story continued into Easter 2013, when Sven Habbermann appeared on the Dragon’s Den TV show and successfully gained ALL FIVE Dragons as investors. Go2 is proud to have been part of the journey and looks forward to many more projects with Sven and his team.

“Go2 Productions took our CAD files and produced a life-like video, that was so good in quality, that we even had a billion dollar company, Ruger, approach us to form a partnership with.”  – Sven Habermann, Inventor of Tornado Speed Release

Watch A Tornado TV Commercial here

Tornado – Additional Information Video

Tornado – Accessories Video

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Online Video Stats

This video is a great example of how powerful motion graphics can be, a great combination of animation meets statistical visualization to highlight some mind boggling stats on the current position of web video and how video advertising affects you.

Video Content… let’s break it down.
How much demand is there for video content today? A LOT!
In fact it’s staggering!

14.6 billion online videos were viewed in May 2010 alone and that number is growing fast.
Video content is everywhere.

By 2014 it’s expected that 90% of all internet traffic and 66% of all mobile data will be video.
In addition to that, the demand for 3D and HD content is growing exponentially.

Advertisers using YouTube  multiplied ten times in 2011 and online advertising revenues are expected to swell from 1.97 billion in 2009 to over 5 billion dollars in 2014.

With all this video content online and attention spans on average shrinking below the 1 minute mark, you need to stand out and get to the point fast. That’s where Go2 Productions can help.

We create high impact video content that breaks through the clutter, reaches your target audience and tells your story.

Contact us now to get started.
Points Phone Guard

This is the breakdown of the Points Phone Guard Commercial.

Extensive pre-visualisation was the key to this spot for Points Phone Guard. With a nod to The Matrix, the special agent character was filmed in our green screen studio in six separate poses at various distances to camera, then composited together to appear as if the poses were in the same space. The three backgrounds were made up of elements from different photographs, brought into Photoshop for additional clean-up. Camera shake was tracked from live-action handheld footage onto the scenes. The 3D phone was modelled in Cinema 4D with eye movements controlled in After Effects. Final passes for lighting details, 2D shadows, motion blur and colour correction helped seal the illusion.
Sunshine Coast Health Centre

Here is the breakdown for the Sunshine Coast Health Centre TV Commercial we did called Living in Denial.

Powerful acting, atmospheric sound effects, intense visual effects and strong colour grading, really make the scenes feel cold and harsh, portraying the emotions and seriousness of the situation we were trying to convey.

The whole spot was shot entirely in our green screen studio, all the background plates, cafe, living room, kitchen etc are 3D elements, designed and built in Cinema 4D using global illumination and VRay. We composited the scenes and produced the visual effects and colour grading using After Effects.


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