Trisuva Vitamin D – TVC30

August 18 2010

Trisuva wanted us to create a TV commercial that would illustrate the fact that every new born baby needs Vitamin D, without it things just are not the same. So for the concept we came up with A World Without the letter D. The spot was designed to be in a fun and child like world with light pastel colour schemes and fun graphics.

Actors were shot on green screen then composited into the backgrounds. 3D animation was also created for the product shot.

Valley Driving School

August 18 2010

Valley Driving School is one of the largest and most respected driver training schools in British Columbia. In fact, they have helped more than 100,000 drivers to be safer and more confident.

In this concept, we wanted to show how Valley Driving School can teach you to drive a motor cycle, a car or even a huge transport truck, all in a smooth continuous shot. Initially we had the whole scene running on a tread mill kind of machine, but decided it gave the wrong impression for the client. We decided to extend the 3d set to appear more like a straight interstate road.

2010 Juno Awards – Corporate Event Visuals

August 18 2010

Go 2 Productions, Inc. was given the task of creating over 70 videos for the 2010 JUNO Gala Dinner and Awards presented in St. Johns, NL. This included 32 nominee videos and 32 winner videos, all in full HD. We began concept design with MVKA Productions to create something that both represented St. Johns and the spirit of the Juno Awards.

After several sketches and mock ups, our team and MVKA Productions, came up with the concept of Juno Town, a fantastic 3D city as colourful as St. Johns itself, that sat atop a floating and beating sub woofer in the sky. Scattered within the city we positioned various target screens that we could fly to, from a wide angle 360 degree rotation of the city, where we displayed the various nominee packs and winner videos called upon throughout the event.

The project was a mammoth task in all aspects including content management, compositing, 2D and 3D animation and not forgetting rendering. With all of our resources focused on the production of 3D animation, motion graphics and video editing for the project, Go 2 relied heavily on MVKA Productions expertise in handling content of this magnitude leading up to the event and found their systems and processes incredibly sound. Literally hundreds and hundreds of CD covers, band photos, artist photos, music videos, sound files and text elements for voice over production and graphic layout went through our pipeline without a hitch. All 72 of the ninety second HD videos were completed and compressed on time and delivered by Go 2, as promised.

The HD footage was a high impact and essential part of the 3 hour event produced by MVKA Productions. The content was driven by Turbos, Key Pros and a Grass Valley system as back up. HD8ks and R10s handled the projection on four 9 ft x 16 ft screens on the upstage line and one 8.5 ft x 15 ft screen at the back of house.


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