A Farkas Fairytale

January 18 2010

Based on the true story of Leonardo Farkas, a highly successful Chilean businessman. Our client represented Farkas and required a very personal video created for a very special event. The video was to depict the life story of Leonardo Farkus in just 3 minutes.

After developing an approved script, our artists started sketching out the storyboards for the next approval stage, we then suggested that we use the storyboard images in a pop up book style and animate them using the puppet tool in After Effects. Once we showed our client a sample scene they loved the effect and asked us to proceed.

The whole video was created using sketches coloured in Photoshop and animated in After Effects.

Recon Instruments

January 15 2010

Recon Instruments introduces the first head-mounted display system for goggles.

An integrated display with GPS functionality.

Bringing fighter pilot technology to a goggle. Live statistics and GPS right in front of your eyes, measuring speed distance, height and time. This product truly is amazing, snowboarding, skiing and snowmobiling will never be the same.

Recon Instruments wanted us to produce a high impact 3D presentation of their unique technology. We were supplied engineering files of the goggles and hardware to work with.

After texturing the goggles to a photo real level, we began designing the environment we would be showcasing the goggles in the 3D sequences. Lots of compositing was required to add in additional text, motion graphics and snow. We planned and rendered out one main camera move to follow the voice over track, with several additional camera moves that we would be using for the interference and twitch sequences.

We created a high impact motion graphic logo intro and using B roll footage supplied to us we added motion graphics to the jump sequences. Then edited all the parts together with original music tracks, one of which was developed in house which we called Twitchin.

This was a really fun project to work on as the client gave us complete freedom to do what we wanted. The only brief we received was; “Just make it look cool!”

Sit back, turn up the speakers and enjoy!

Niusule Gummy Vitamins

January 14 2010

Niusule’s Gummy Bears (multi-vitamin & minerals) make it easy for kids to get the essential vitamins and minerals that are so important for growing minds and bodies.

Our client wanted us to create a 3D animated TV commercial, featuring their mascot label bear character, that would be both energetic and entertaining.

All we were supplied as reference was the label artwork from the Gummy Vitamin bottle.

After story boarding approval, we created a brief script, an energetic and entertaining soundtrack and voice over recorded in Mandarin.

Our team began modeling the bear using XSI and transferred the model into Cinema 4D for texturing, rigging and animation. All final effects, motion graphics and colour treatments were completed using After Effects.

Everything regarding the project was either discussed over the phone, by email or approved using our online approval process, proving once again that we have the ability to complete your project from concept to completion, no matter where you are located.

Avcorp Industries

January 12 2010

Avcorp designs and builds major airframe structures for some of the worlds leading aircraft manufacturers, although many people have no idea of their work.

We were asked to create an awareness video that highlighted both the structures they build and the aircraft they are built for. As this video would primarily be for trade show use we decided to use a mix of 3D animation and 2D motion graphics for maximum impact.

A total of seven aircraft needed to be modeled and textured by Go 2 Productions Inc. and then approved by the clients of Avcorp to ensure accurate representation of the real aircraft.

NGRAIN Industries

January 07 2010

In 2009 we created a 3 minute trade show video for NGRAIN, who deliver interactive 3D software solutions to a host of industries worldwide, including aerospace, defense, energy and technology. NGRAIN asked us to take some of their 3D animations and make them more attention grabbing, while keeping the video brand consistent with their existing materials.

They returned to us later in the year to create a talking heads video that would really stand out from the competitors. We organized shooting teams to capture key people located in multiple locations including Texas, Toronto and Calgary. This video was to be presented at a very hi tech trade show so once again we chose to go with powerful music, dynamic camera moves, key words, powerful statements and testimonials. In addition we increased the level of production to involve more impressive motion graphics and high energy 3D animation that included supersonic jets !

Once we had written the custom music track we storyboarded the elements we had and developed the look and style of the video. The result was a high energy, high impact motion graphics video designed to grab attention and leave a lasting impression. This talking heads video is certainly like no other !

Flight Centre

January 07 2010

Flight Centre came to us to create a series of 15 second tv commercials that could be used as a template throughout 2010 to allow for easy updating of their monthly offers. We gave them a fresh new look for their TV campaign that is clean and easy on the eye while staying within their branding standards. The first one in the series shown here is for Disneyland.

We were also asked to design a second 15 second template commercial that would be used in conjunction with the regular monthly offers, the aim of this commercial would be to inform the public that Flight Centre offers much more than just flights. For this version we decided to use 3D animation along with motion graphics to help explain the different services.


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